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Same Team
Same Mission
New Name

When I founded SCOPO Marketing five years ago - my goal was to take the paid social advertising knowledge and experience gained from leading large corporate marketing teams - and bring that value to online brands to help them grow.

And it went better than I ever expected - thanks to the amazing clients that have collaborated with us and trusted us with their online growth. A huge THANK YOU to every single one the clients we currently work with and have worked with in the past - we appreciate you and it’s been our privilege to work alongside you.

Our mission has always been to continuously evolve so we can deliver more value for our clients. And in doing so, we’ve grown from paid social advertising on Facebook and Instagram to new channels like Google, TikTok and SnapChat, while also expanding into new services like performance creative production, landing page development and optimization, and customer retention through Email and SMS marketing.

Seeing that growth, where our agency and industry are both now, and where they’re headed in the future - and we realized we had outgrown our name.

“SCOPO” is Italian for goal or target - which was very relevant when we started the agency with our sole focus on paid social advertising (and of course because no one owned the .com domain!). It served us well, but we’ve become so much more, and we needed our agency’s name and brand to reflect that.

The “Skysill” is where the sky meets the land and the sea on the horizon. And it’s the perfect fit for us because that’s exactly where we’re focused and headed with our clients - the future of digital performance marketing and where it can take their growth (and because no one owned the .com domain! 😉)

We can’t wait to show you everything we’re working on.
-Brett Fish, Founder and Principal